InfraCity is a retail and business park of approx. 200,000 sqm, located halfway between the centre of Stockholm and Arlanda International Airport. InfraCity was acquired in November 2005 in co-operation with Orion Capital Managers. InfraCity offers premises for office, retail, hotel, exhibition and conference activities as well as other service providers.

InfraCity was divested to a consortium of local Swedish institutional investors under co-ordination of the Swedish asset management company Profi in March 2013.

During the lifetime of the investment Vencom repositioned the asset by:

  • Expanding retail – New zoning, conversion of industrial and warehouse space.
  • Improving office location – Improved communications, a wider range of tenant services and an improved selection of retailers, etc.
  • Growing conference hotel – Improved offering and extended lease by 15 years.

Business plan achievements include:

  • New zoning in place creating approximately 130,000 sqm of building rights.
  • Land sold to the German retailer Bauhaus for construction of a new state of the art 17,000 sqm store.
  • Existing industrial and warehouse space converted into retail premises, creating a retail area with critical mass .
  • Rental income increased by more than 30 per cent.
  • Net operating income increased by more than 50 per cent.