Vencom Sailing Team


Sailing has been important since the start of Vencom. It communicates a number of important values which are coherent with the philosophy and business model of Vencom, of which the most obvious is good and efficient teamwork.

On a sailing boat, good teamwork within the crew is crucial to sail the boat in the fastest, safest and most efficient way. Different persons are brought together to create a dynamic team with complementary skills and personalities. With the right vision and goal, and a portion of humor and some fun, such a crew excels.

Other important aspects of sailing, which are deeply integrated in the business model of Vencom, are a certain level of patience, a feeling of inner strength and self-confidence, as well as good tactical judgement and an eye for the most favourable way towards the goal, taking all the relevant data points and parameters into consideration.


Vencom supported Anton Dahlberg and Fredrik Bergström towards winning the silver medal at the 2021 Olympic Games in Japan and the World Championship title in 2021 – sailing the 470 dinghy class.




At present, Vencom supports Anton Dahlberg and Lovisa Karlsson, in the new 470 mixed class, and Vilma Bobeck and Rebecca Netzler, in the 49er FX class, towards the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.














Vencom Sailing Team has participated in racing in different classes over the years, such as the one design classes X-99 and more recently J/70. Furthermore, the team has participated in ORCi and IRC regattas on a national and international level.

Vencom Sailing Team has also participated on the offshore scene, for example in a significant number of “Gotland Runt-races” in the Baltic Sea, as well as in the Fastnet Race in the Celtic Sea.