Vencom firmly believes in the current evolution of the electricity market towards a green future. Vencom strives to offer our partners investments and advisory services in well-structured projects that are sustainable over time.

Since several years, Vencom operates as an asset manager and a project developer of Nordic onshore wind power. This has resulted in a unique local network and a good understanding of the current market trends and the appropriate offerings for different strategies. Furthermore, it has resulted in deep knowledge of geographical locations as well as of electricity pricing mechanisms and relevant price hedging strategies. 

Vencom has more than two decades of experience of long-term investments. With a background as an operating partner and co-investor, Vencom takes responsibility for the creation, and if relevant, the fulfilment of the agreed business plan.



During the last years, Vencom has built a development portfolio in land based wind power, with a focus on the Northern part of Sweden. The size of the portfolio today is approximately 1 000 MW and the final permit of the first project is expected in 2023.

Vencom also offers advisory services related to transactions, project finance and value enhancement. If relevant, Vencom can take the overall responsibility of the asset management and the fulfilment of the business plan as an operating partner and co-investor.



Vencom’s value creation is based on a combination of local expertise, an excellent network and active, hands on asset management. This includes a creative and proactive approach to development, repositioning and/or restructuring.

Having aligned interests with our partners is very important and a core component behind our approach to value creation. Another cornerstone in our management philosophy is a pro-active approach to problem solving and development.

Real efforts and actions are required to create real change!