Vencom is actively searching for new investment opportunities and acts as a local advisor, developer, asset manager and co-investor, taking on an overall responsibility for the acquisition phase as well as the value creation, development and all aspects of the asset management.

In the acquisition phase Vencom normally is responsible for the co-ordination of all activities including research, creation of a business plan, negotiations, due diligence and debt financing.

As an operating partner and co-investor Vencom is responsible for the fulfilment of the agreed business plan. Thus, Vencom takes on an overall responsibility related to the asset management and development of an investment.

Vencom strives to create focused investment strategies and to build a team around each strategy that has a high degree of specialized knowledge.

The actual distribution of the daily operational responsibilities is structured on a project basis depending on the specifics of the acquired real estate assets and the requirements of the capital partner. The overall scope can be divided into different parts of which the most important are:

  • Creation, co-ordination and overall responsibility for the fulfilment of the business plan.
  • Development of business plans and strategies.
  • Tenant management and leasing.
  • Property development.
  • Day to day property management.
  • Financial reporting and controlling.
  • Acquisitions and disposals.
  • Financing.